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Personal Attention from Experienced California Criminal Defense Attorneys

Facing criminal charges can be overwhelming, and it is critical to know that you case is being handled by an experienced attorney.  As a Glew & Kim client, you case will be handled directly by Christopher Glew or Jina Kim, who apply more than 20 years of legal knowledge to providing you with the best possible outcome.

Called “The hottest criminal defense attorney in Orange County,” Chris Glew has been recognized as one of the Top Lawyers in California by American Lawyer Media, and one of the Top 100 Criminal Trial Lawyers Southern California by the National Trial Lawyers Association.  He has been featured in local and national media, including The Orange County Register and OC Weekly, and has provided commentary for ABC and NBC.

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With You Every Step Of the Way

If you have been arrested, it is imperative that you contact our experienced criminal defense attorneys right away.  Our attorneys are sometimes able to resolve the case with District Attorney’s office before it is filed.

After the case is filed, your case will proceed to arraignment where bail may be negotiated.  Our attorneys will work to get you out of jail paying the least amount of bail possible.  As the case progresses, your attorney will be able to help you with filing the proper motions and handling the negotiation phase of the case.

Ultimately, if the case is not dismissed or settled to your satisfaction, it may proceed to trial.  An experienced attorney is critical at this stage.  Should your case go to trial, attorneys Glew & Kim will personally try your case to make sure that you receive the best possible outcome.

Read more about actions you can take if you or someone you love has been arrested.

Second Opinions and Closed Cases

Even if your case is closed, Glew & Kim can review old charges and attempt to change the outcome. You may be eligible for a reduction to a misdemeanor on a felony case, also referred to a wobbler. You may also be eligible for an expungement of charges, changing a guilty plea to a not guilty plea. In some circumstances, you can petition the court for a finding of factual innocence, which will remove the charge completely. We can also help with professional licensing issues that may arise years after a case has been closed. Learn more about the types of cases we handle.

If you are currently facing criminal charges or would like to review a closed case, contact Glew & Kim for a free consultation.

Expert Marijuana and DUI Defense Attorneys

At Glew & Kim, many of our cases involve drug and marijuana-related offenses, including DUI. In addition to providing expert defense in this area, we are dedicated to the reform of marijuana laws through organizations such as the Marijuana Policy Project, NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), and Americans for Safe Access. Learn more about our marijuana and marijuana DUI cases.

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