City-By-City Ordinance

As the general election is coming around the corner to legalize marijuana, it is still up to the cities to adopt its own ordinance to set guidelines to regulate marijuana. Governor Brown signed the trio of bills known as the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act that will regulate commercial medical cannabis cultivation, manufacturing and transportation, as well as a state-level licensing system. This will establish all the necessary governing boards to set standards relating to medical marijuana and its cultivation. Cities and counties have until March 1, 2016 to establish land use regulation or ordinance to regulate or prohibit marijuana cultivation.

Under AB 243, Section 11362.777(C ) (4), absent such ordinance by the cities or counties, State agencies will be the licensing authority for medical marijuana cultivation.

See: Bill Text - AB-243 Medical Marijuana , Bill Text - AB-266 Medical Marijuana and

Bill Text - AB-643 Medical Marijuana.

Furthermore, many of the final rules and regulations will be determined, implemented and changed once the forthcoming election to legalize marijuana has passed in November, 2016.

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