It’s True: Crime Doesn’t Pay

In the movies, you regularly see a band of rough-and-tumble men (usually) poring over schematics and building plans in order to orchestrate that perfect heist. In real life, it's a bit different-from the young man who decided to steal a car and turn himself in when he realized he was running out of gas (click here for that full story) to this pair of brainless twits.

In what seems like a crime of opportunity, two men approached the victim walking down E. Chestnut Avenue at about 1 a.m. on Saturday morning. One brandished a knife in a threatening manner while the other rifled through the victim's pockets.

As luck would have it, a passing police car witnessed the robbery and chased the two men, according to Santa Ana police Commander Jeff Owens. One managed to escape, while the other one clearly couldn't run as fast or as far as the officer, and was booked on suspicion of robbery. The man who escaped is still at large, and luckily the victim was uninjured in the attack.

The real killer is this: the criminals netted all of $4.

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